How to Plant Pumpkin Seeds in Minecraft?

There are actually many plants we can grow in Minecraft to be used for brewing, as food, dyes and also decoration. Herein, you will learn on farming tips for pumpkin seeds in Minecraft. You will know how the land should be cleared; plant the seeds to create a source of food. You will also have a chance to learn how to facilitate fast growth of these plants and also provide them protection from creepers.

Building a Farm

To begin with, you have to set up a field for this purpose. Basically, farming greatly involves planting these seeds in a wet dirt place with sufficient amount of sunshine to enable them to grow faster. For this reason, considering building one near the shoreline near a sea or lake can be the best thing you can do for this. In case you can’t access lands near shorelines, you can alternatively collect water in a bucket; thereafter surround the farm with some blocks. In a matter of fact, a single block of water is enough to dampen four dirt blocks.

It’s up to you to know how this water will reach dirt. You can consider building a trench, for those who feel somehow creative, they can consider using a waterfall or also dig a pit. You will become ready to plant these seeds so long as the water is capable of interacting the dirt and all around remains damp.

Planting Tips

Working on the soil using a stone or wood hoe is important before planting the seeds. You need to transform the dirt in your place into farmland blocks using the hoe. This should be done until the blocks turn dark brown. They would have become damp and you can consume with planting. You require putting some water ready nearby in case the blocks fade.

You might be asking how much water you need for this. A single block of water is capable of dampening a 9×9 piece of land. In case you need to fence your piece around consider making an 11×11 walls group and thereafter place water blocks at the center. Point of advice totally avoids jumping around at the tilled land since this will make it revert back to the old plain dirt.

Sufficient sunlight enhances fast growth of plants. But then, it will be better you add some torches around your firm to enhance growth even at night times. The touches will also help prevent monsters from getting way into your farm to stomp these plants. The creepers will wipe and explode out huge chunks of your land. For this case, you should consider constructing a high wall to keep them off. This should be topped with a glass roof to allow sunlight penetration. You should also consider hanging around your farm at some night hours as the roof keeps the skeletons and spiders off. You can consider building your farm underground since it is lit by torches.

This is all you need to know to have it through planting pumpkin leaves on Minecraft. Get to try it today.

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