For those interested in starting a pumpkin patch of their own, all you should have is a packet of seeds and prepare your piece of land well for the activity. The pumpkin plant is actually among the easiest grown plants we have around. Let’s get back to the topic of the day.

The number of pumpkin seeds to plant in one hole is the question in place many gardeners out there would ask more often. But before knowing this, it is better we also learn on when is the right time to begin growing these seeds and also how to plant them. Pumpkin plant is not only can they make many tasty treats but also a fun fall decoration. Growing pumpkin is not such a hard thing it is actually a popular activity that can be undertaken by even children in the garden. Let’s learn more about pumpkin growing.

When to Plant Pumpkin Seeds

As we have said early, you need to know the right time to plant these seeds before you can commence growing them. The way you will plant your seeds will greatly depend on what you are planning to be using them for. For instance, in case all this depends on making jack-o-lanterns, you need to consider planting them outside and this should be done after all frost chances has passed and the temperatures of the soil has gone up to 65 F. You need to know that pumpkin plants normally grow somehow in a faster manner in climates that are ho that the cold ones. What does this mean? You should know some of the months you should consider when doing this activity since the climate at a particular month is different from other places. The best time you should consider planting these seeds in cooler parts of the country is in the late dates of the month of May. On the other hand, mid-July can be best in warmer parts of the country. In case you plant this plant as a food crop, you should consider starting them indoors somewhere up to four weeks before the final days of frost in the area you live.

How to Plant Pumpkin Seeds

If you consider beginning this activity outside, you should know that the plant needs a sufficient amount of space for them to grow as fast as possible. From experts, it is advisable you plan to do this on a minimum space of 20 square feet between each plant. Wait till the temperature is at least 18 C. Note that these seeds won’t germinate at all in cold soils. At your prepared piece of land, mound the soil at the central point up a bit to enable the sun to heat up these seeds. The will germinate fast in warmer soils.

How many pumpkin seeds to plant in one hole?

Plant between three to five seeds in the mound in a hole that is about an each deep. Once these seeds germinate, consider selecting two healthiest ones among them and uproot the rest.

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