Pumpkins are one of the few plants out there with a myriad of uses. They can serve as delectable meals, have many health benefits and serve as regulatory measures for various diseases. The seeds are roast-able into a sweet dish and the pumpkins can further serve as decorations. Pumpkins are advantageous because they thrive in various climates. As long as there is enough sunlight, water, and shelter from winds you will have your ripe pumpkins within 3 to 4 months.
When you plant your pumpkins here is the process to use when watering them with your garden hose reel. As a serious pumpkin gardener, a best garden hose reel will go a long way in ensuring you have a bumper harvest.
Pumpkins need a moderate but steady amount of water for you to get those big pumpkins. The moisture content should always be maintained at an ideal level for the pumpkin roots to be able to tap into the soil. This means the water should not be too much yet on the hand the soil should not be left to dry. You can provide these optimum conditions by getting a garden hose reel to make your gardening a little more fun. These big orange plants can grow up to 40 or 50 pounds in some areas with optimum tendering. There are suggestions that leaving the soil to dry can let the plant have deeper roots and this is true but only to a degree. Same to every plant a little sunshine is needed but also you have to realize pumpkins are quite thirsty.
It is therefore important to only use your garden hose reel to water when the soil starts to become a little dry. This means you won’t have a consistent watering schedule which can become boring for most people. A garden hose reel is also ideal for the watering technique required for a pumpkin. The pumpkin roots in most cases go deep into the soil especially in places where the water table is lower. Therefore, you will need to ensure a deep soak when watering to ensure the water reaches the roots, especially during summer.
Another factor to put into consideration is that pumpkins are susceptible to fungi known as the powdery mildew. The powdery mildew is almost always as a result of direct watering of the leaves. The damp environment on the leaves will create an ideal environment for the fungus which leads to the withering of the pumpkin leaves. When watering you should try and aim beneath the leaves to avoid this. Also, it is ideal to water your pumpkins in the morning so that the sun can evaporate any water on the leaves.
As the pumpkin begins to produce and turn and turn orange it is time for you to start using your garden hose reel less and less. As they grow they require less water. You can then cease entirely about 7 days before you start harvesting.
Summarily, having a garden hose reel to water your pumpkin seeds can be the most prudent step for a gardener. Hose reels can make it a more exciting experience since they will reduce cracking of the hoses, spillage and the effort required to keep moving the hoses while watering. You will also get a good shade for your hose and only get to use it when your parched pumpkins call for water.
Get your original garden hose reel today for a plenteous pumpkin harvest.