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Code Name Price    
01GC15 $15 Gift Certificate $15.00
01GC25 $25 Gift Certificate $25.00
01GC50 $50 Gift Certificates $50.00
01_FG Free Gift $0.00
01_GPT_4 Giant Pumpkin Tarp 4 x 4 $69.95
01_GPT_5 Giant Pumpkin Tarp 5x5 $79.95
01_GPT_6 Giant Pumpkin Tarp 6x6 $99.95
01_GPT_7 Giant Pumpkin Tarp 7 x 7 $119.95
01_PLR Pumpkin Lifting Ring (ring only add your straps) $129.95
01_PSL Pumpkin Strap Lifter $69.95
01_PSLR Pumpkin Strap Lifting Ring (complete) $199.95
01_TOMB Giant Tomatoes $19.95
01_WCGP2 How-to-Grow World Class Giant Pumpkins II $19.95
01_WCGP23 How-to-Grow World Class Giant Pumpkins Books II and III $44.95
01_WCGP3 How-to-Grow World Class Giant Pumpkins III $29.95
01_WCGP4 How To Grow-World Class Giant Pumpkins the All Organic Way $19.95
01_WMELB 01_WMELB $11.95
01_WT Watermelon Tarp $39.95
AG1048x1007 One Ton Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Cross $5.00
AG400 Atlantic Giant Pumpkin 400 lb. $3.95

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